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Savannah Taylor.

visual communications student at USC (SC) -_-


St. Vincent- Pieta

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Kevin Tran A Sydney-born artist and multidisciplinary designer currently living and working in London, United Kingdom.


Farhad Moshiri - Fire of Joy (2012)


John Francis Daley 1999 vs 2013

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George Ault

1. Daylight at Russell’s Corners, 1944

2. Black Night at Russell’s Corners, 1943

3. August Night at Russell’s Corners, 1948

→ Rebranding Survey

If anyone likes to fill out surveys, I would appreciate any help and opinions on this project. I am doing a rebranding proposal on Books-A-Million! and just need some input in this quick little survey. All of this is student work (practice) for a mock business proposal in my english class.